Made in Jail: our history

Made in Jail, this idea resulted in 1983 from a team of prisoners from inside the walls of Rebibbia Roman jail who found a way to express art. It was by using serigraphy and t-shirt printing, which include messages, images and designs that they found with passion and persistence to get a new space into society, after paying for their sentence.

That was how in the late 80s, once achieved their freedom, this group of ex-prisoners, create the Cooperative which would give space to an actual movement to work from the inside and outside of Italian penitentiary institutes.

This would change the life of many people who is paying or has already paid for their actions by re-educating them to work, and by providing them with professional and cultural guiding.

Currently, Made in Jail, is targeting the expansion and creation of more working spaces for prisoners and ex-prisoners who want to have an opportunity and space in the open world.